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Geographical profile of the USA - Географическое положение США (топик)


Все топики.

"США" - все топики.


Geographical profile of the USA
The United States of America lies in North America and is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The USA borders on Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. It has a sea border with Russia too.
The landscape of the country varies: there are mountain chains, plains, canyons and deserts. The first mountains from the east are the Rocky Mountains (or the Rockies), which are the highest in the country. To the west of the Rockies there are vast plateaus: the volcanic Columbia Plateau, the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau. The western part of America (including Alaska) is made up of high mountain ranges, tablelands and plateaus of the Cordillera system. The Cordilleras consist of rows of mountain ranges, tablelands and plateaus. In Alaska the mountain ranges stretch in the west-eastern direction and include the Brooks Range, the Yukon Tableland, the Aleutian Range with Mount McKinley, which is the highest peak in North America.
Further west there are the Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Range.
There are a lot of lakes and rivers in the USA. The Mississippi which joins the Missouri is the longest river in the United States (and the longest in the world). It flows to the south and runs into the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans. The Hudson River which flows across the north-eastern part of the country and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at New York is another important river in the country. The rivers in the west of the country are not navigable as they flow through deep canyons and are cut by numerous rapids. These rivers start in the Cordilleras and flow into the Pacific Ocean. The largest among them are the Columbia River and the Colorado River.
The region of the Great Lakes is in the north-east of the United States bordering on Canada. It is a system of five great lakes (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario) joined together by natural channels. The famous Niagara Falls are situated in New York State and are the biggest falls in the" world.
The climate of the USA varies. The country is situated mainly in the temperate and subtropical zones. Alaska lies in the subarctic and arctic zones. Winter temperature in Alaska is 25 degrees below zero. The southern part of Florida and Hawaii are in the tropical zone. In southern states it is warm all year round while in northern states the climate is changeable.
The United States is rich in mineral resources such as: coal, iron, gas, oil and different metals. There are coal mines in the Cordilleras, in the Kansas City region and in the east near Birmingham and Pittsburgh. Iron is mined near the Great Lakes and in Pittsburgh, Birmingham and Philadelphia. In California and Texas there are oil fields. There are also silver and gold deposits.

1. Рассказать о географическом положении Соединённых Штатов (North America; borders on).
2. Рассказать об океанах, воды которых омывают США (the Atlantic Ocean; the Pacific Ocean).
3. Рассказать о ландшафте США (varies; mountain chains/plains/canyons/ deserts; the Rockies; plateaus: Columbia Plateau, Great Basin, Colorado Plateau; the Cordillera system; Alaska, the Brooks Range, the Yukon Tableland, the Aleutian Range, Mount McKinley; the Cascade Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Range).
4. Рассказать о крупных реках и озёрах (the Mississippi, the Missouri; the Gulf of Mexico; the Hudson River; the Columbia River, the Colorado River; the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario; the Niagara Falls).
5. Рассказать о климате США (temperate, subtropical, subarctic, arctic, tropical).
6. Рассказать о полезных ископаемых США (coal, iron, gas, oil and different metals, silver and gold deposits).

1. Where geographically is the USA situated?
2. What is the country washed by?
3. What is the landscape of the USA characterised by?
4. Where are mountainous areas situated?
5. What mountain ranges are there in the USA?
6. What is the highest peak in North America?
7. What's the longest river in the USA?
8. What other rivers are there in the country?
9. What five lakes are there in the Great Lakes region?
10. What are the biggest falls in the world?
11. How can you describe the climate of the USA?
12. What mineral resources are there in the country?





1. Прослушать произношение слова и перевод на .  Направление перевода выберите один раз из списка, в дальнейшем оно сохранится. Для многократного повторения подводите стрелку мышки к выделенному слову в колонке слева.

2. Правила чтения слов смотрите здесь.

3. Подробный перевод в словаре Мультитран. (В часы перегрузок Интернета работает медленно, но словарь хороший.)







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