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New York City (топик на английском)


Все топики.

"США" - все топики.


New York City, which is situated in New York State, is the biggest city of the USA. It is also called The Big Apple. In the 19th century it was very dirty with chickens walking along streets and avenues. When immigrants began to arrive, New York started to grow fast. Trains, railways, bridges, steamboats and skyscrapers appeared. The first skyscraper was built in 1888. It had only thirteen floors, but the next one had twenty-two. The Empire State Building has 102 floors. Now New York is an industrial, financial, political, cultural and business centre of the country.
The city is situated in the mouth of the Hudson River and is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Brooklyn is also called the bedroom of New York because many people live there. Richmond is a poor district of New York. The Bronx is more residential, and Queens is both residential and industrial borough of the city. A lot of Latino people live in Queens and Brooklyn.
Manhattan is the heart of New York. It is the centre of American finance, art, theatre, fashion, shopping, etc. Manhattan is divided into two sides: the West Side and the East Side. There is also a division into Downtown, Midtown and Uptown Manhattan. The Wall Street is one of the most famous streets in New York. The New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange are situated there.
Chinatown is another tourist attraction of New York. It has a lot of restaurants and small shops. The financial centre of New York is Midtown Manhattan where there are plenty of offices, companies and skyscrapers. The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building are one of the tallest buildings in the world.
Times Square is famous for its colourful advertisements and Theatre District which begins at the Square and goes to Broadway Street. Broadway is the home to many big and small theatres of New York. It starts in Times Square.
Central Park which is in Uptown Manhattan was designed in the 1850s. There are many places of interest in it: a skating-rink, a zoo, a lake where you can row, and an outdoor theatre. People can take a horse ride through Central Park or rent a bicycle.
New York is also famous for its museums and art galleries. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest and one of the most important among them. It is one of the largest and finest museums in the world. It houses more than two million works of art.
The Statue of Liberty is the American symbol of freedom. It has stood in New York harbour since 1886. The Statue was given to the USA as a gift by the French. The statue is made from copper sheets and it is hollow inside. There is a circular stairway and a lift inside the Statue.
New York is a well-planned city, so it is easy for strangers to find their way there.
Streets are called by ordinal numbers or letters of the alphabet, for example, First Avenue, Second Street, Avenue B, etc.
New York is an exciting city and I would love to visit it.

advertisement [adVeitismant] реклама, объявление
borough [Ългэ] район Нью-Йорка
circular ['s3:kjub] круглый, циркулярный
copper [кг>рэ] медь
district ['distnkt] район
division [di'vi3(3)n] деление
hollow ['httbu] пустой
masterpiece ['ma:st3pi:s] шедевр
mouth [mau9] устье
ordinal ['o:dml] порядковый
plenty of ['plenti] много
residential [rezi'denJXa)!] жилой
row [гэи] грести
skating-rink ['skeitmrmk] каток
skyscraper ['skai,skreip3] небоскреб
steam boat ['sti:m 'baut] пароход

1. Where is New York City situated? What's the second name of it?
2. What do you know about the history of New York?
3. How many boroughs are there in New York City?
4. What borough is the heart of the city? What can be seen there?
5. Do you know anything about Chinatown?
6. What is Times Square famous for?
7. What is Central Park and where is it situated?
8. What museums and art galleries are there in New York?
9. What is the most famous monument in the city?
10. Is New York planned well? Why (not)?





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